Old Years Night - 2002. Birmingham.

GreenJade were performing at a New Years’ "Celebration" in front of what could only be described as a truly miserable Christian crowd at the Bethel Convention Centre.

After we had finished our set and could hang around no longer.

We started our drive back down the M40, amazed that Christians who are supposed to be living an abundant, blessed life could respond in such a lack lustre way to the fact that they had made it into a new year!


As we talked and argued (GreenJade is practically a family, so most conversations between us are impassioned) we started hearing reports on the radio of a shooting in Birmingham in which two girls had lost their lives!

Those two girls turned out to be Charlene Ellis and Latisha Shakespear, 18 and 17 years old respectively, who were gunned down, innocent victims of a gang feud that family members had been caught in!


These events impassioned our conversation all the more as here we were, coming back from a event with a miserable crowd to whom abundant/joyous life has been made available while a few miles down the road two teenaged girls lost their lives while trying to have a fun night out!
We decided on two things that night:

  • There must be some sort of response from the Body Of Christ in regards to the rise in violence amongst our young people; and 

      • That we would continue to actively live out the God's Word through Agape (active, unconditional, selfless, Godly love) in our actions and behaviour towards others.


In one form or another all of the group members are engaged with young people and/or our community in London - 3rd Son is a Finance Officer for Lewisham Council, Wei works with Young adults with learning difficulties and mental illness.

Judah is an Education Welfare Officer for Southwark Council and runs parenting workshop classes, Secret coaches Basketball at a College in Havering and I (Wizdom) have worked for the Probation Service and in a Drug Rehabilitation Centre.


However, through our music and inspired by our faith, we wanted to make a larger statement about the fact that God has something to say about gun and knife crime.

We wrote "Gunz Down" and started to perform it.

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